Re: Why "progressive" tax schemes are evil

From: Matt Jensen (
Date: Tue Mar 20 2001 - 13:01:51 PST

On Tue, 20 Mar 2001, Tom WSMF wrote:

> Who interperts your Inspid Casper MilkToast Blandness into English?
> I hope you find someone soon for the sake of those poor souls who cant do
> it themselves.

"Now, that's getting personal, lion!" -TWoZ

> As for my stuff, it seems you flink in Whoresh Tranlation 101.

It's spelled "flynk". Your finger should slip to the "y", not the "i".

> Heres a calling card, i suggest you call your mother and tell her your
> not equiped to make it in the real world.

Do you mean:
"Here is a dime. Call your mother and tell her you will not become a

In which case, I reply:
"You... are a SON OF A BITCH, Kingsfield!"

And you can offer:
"Mr. Hart! That is the most intelligent thing you've said all day. You
may take your seat."

-Matt Jensen

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