What will you do with your teraflops PC?

From: Nordquist, Steve (IMCEAEX-_O=HRB_OU=WHQ_CN=RECIPIENTS_CN=SNORDQUIST@hrblock.com)
Date: Tue Mar 20 2001 - 14:16:11 PST

3-digit workweeks!? That's it? Don't you take the prayer out from behind
your teeth after dim sum?
Hektagigaflops I/O devices, as your personal trainer, ice shaver,
chutzpahmometer, matchbinder/s, strategy/celebrity compass and handy pad for
IPv6 addresses, will push it up to...3.1. Again there will be room for bass
in your billable hours. It will control where you drop traceable DNA and
pheromones. It will give you that 5th tank feeling. It will ask all
pertinent questions and buy rights of way. It will accurately proxy
distribution rights management of your daily activities, actively prevent
your ever needing to buy voice telecommunications services, train pets and
humans who you may come in contact with in the future, and provide a spread
of moods and mattes for any given 47-hour period. It will short MCI in 4

What's this about some work being required to get teraflops (well...ok, at
64 and 128bit operations, all right!) rather than a decent chipset on an AMD
For that matter, is there actually software sets up a BeOS 5.x box as a
secure router? And what's that fiber ribbon sticking out the back of....

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