Re: Grading the gov't (was Re: G & J, in cahoots?)

From: Antoun Nabhan (
Date: Tue Mar 20 2001 - 18:13:03 PST

This was so hilariously one-sided that I was deeply surprised by who you
let off the hook:

At 05:11 PM 3/20/01 -0600, Jeff Bone wrote:
>D. of the Interior: okay, I'm okay with this one.

Aren't these the guys that literally failed to read the weather report and
therefore brought you the uncontrolled fires near Los Alamos last summer?
They're also the forward knuckle of the fist of eminent domain.

>D. of Transportation: I'm okay with the FAA, and somebody's got to keep
>up the IHS.

Um...what? I fly a lot. Or rather, I fly sometimes, but get stuck in
airports waiting for delayed and eventually canceled flights a lot. The FAA
and it's diode-era air traffic control system seem to be the biggest cause
of this problem.

Don't forget that the DoT also brought you the short-person-killing airbag,
the "light truck" exemption that shifted the "best-selling car" status from
3000LB Olds Cutlasses to 4500 LB SUVs in about 5 years' time, and - along
with the NHTSA and the insurance lobby - the national 55-mph speed limit.
They're also the ones that basically outlawed cheap, low-production sports
cars by making the fixed cost of certification so high, but now I'm just
being petty.

>US Information Agency: Huh? I'm sure this isn't necessary.

Well, if I could get them to read FoRK for me... :-)

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