D--p in the He--- of Tex--

From: Tom WSMF (tomwhore@inetarena.com)
Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 12:43:42 PST

Here another case of Gov regualtion "For Your Own Good"

A new Bill, HB 1295 has been introduced in the Texas Legislature which, if
passed, would require PC sellers in Texas to include censorware on the
machines they sell.

There is no requirement that purchasers of these machines use the
censorware. More notably, there is no exception for machines sold with an
operating system for which there is no censorware available. Requiring
that any particular software, let alone censorware, be included with a PC
is a Bad Idea. If you're in Texas, let your elected officials know what
you think of this proposed legislation.

In part, the Bill provides that: Sec. 35.104. SOFTWARE TO BE INCLUDED WITH
SALE OF PERSONAL COMPUTER. (a) A person in the business of selling
personal computers shall provide with each personal computer sold by that
person software that enables the purchaser of the personal computer to
automatically block or screen indecent material on the Internet. (b)
Software provided in compliance with Subsection (a) must be compatible
with any operating system that is provided by the seller to the purchaser
of the personal computer at the time of purchase. If an operating system
is not provided by the seller of the personal computer, the software
required under Subsection (a) must be compatible with at least one
operating system that may be installed to operate on the computer. There
is no requirement that purchasers

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