Re: THE BIG LIST Re: Reform This

From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 15:43:48 PST


> > * campaign finance reform is unnecessary
> As an exercise, have you really thought this position through with regard
> to the intellectual foundations of campaign finance reform arguments and
> the archly small-govt, strict constitutional stand you take on most other
> issues?

You picked the wrong issue!!! If you really wanted to see me squirm, you
should've picked on my Microsoft antitrust bias. It's pretty difficult to
reconcile being a staunch free market advocate with being a proponent of
anti-trust. About the only thing I can say in defense of that is: a
monopolized market is *not* a free market.

I see no particular constitutional issues with restricting who may and under
what conditions contribute money to political parties and candidates. I may
be missing some evolutionary controversy -wrt- the "intellectual foundations
of campaign finance reform arguments" --- but I am without a doubt that the
founders would not have approved of today's system of PACs, etc.

Enlighten me. I'm always willing to shift my point of view for a compelling


PS - nobody ever promised consistency. Hypocrisy, OTOH... EVIL. ;-)

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