straighten me out but don't level me [was Re: Tax Cahooties]

Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 17:58:11 PST

dave: "If the problem is that they who have, get,
and they who have not, have even that taken,
I don't see how progressive taxes encourage
the problem, and I certainly don't see how
regressive schemes (such as universal sales
tax) can ameliorate it."

i'm following you. i agree with you re immediate outcomes, at least. here's
something else you already knew re estate tax::

nowhere have i argued that taxation of any kind directly causes the poor to
be any poorer than they would be otherwise. all i've argued against is the
notion that bush's tax plan is a stimulus. other discussion follows (risk is
really absorbed by whom, etc.), and it all hinges on the btp.

BUT . . .
what conclusions do you draw if a tax system results in a greater percentage
of wealth accumulating in a rarer atmosphere? i can draw a few, but NONE of
them would be that the system penalizes the rich without the foreknowledge
that they are benefited by the same system elsewhere.


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