Re: Ideas on how to change Napster.

From: michael sippey (
Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 23:02:36 PST

> Okay, I give up, I can't search for music in Napster anymore.

ditto. was trying to find hanson's mmmm...bop the other day, and DAMN.

> But I *can* add people to my "favorite people" Hot List, and
> then peruse the libraries of the people on my Hot List, and
> then doubleclick on music in their libraries to download them.
> To take advantage of this Napster should add:
> 1. The ability to peruse the Hot Lists of people on my Hot List, and
> so on. This would allow us to navigate the space of people with
> music we like, view their favorite people, and then peruse THEIR
> libraries for downloads. Imagine that, clicking from person to
> person like we're used to clicking from webpage to webpage.
> 2. Searchable profiles for users. In the profile we could say what
> artists we like; if Napster let us search *profiles* instead of
> libraries, then we search for people with similar tastes to our
> own, not for particular songs. Then of course we could peruse the
> libraries of the people we searched for, and if they happened to
> contain stuff we liked, so be it.
> The injunction probably prevents both of these, eh?

the injunction probably prevents the latter, since it would fall under the
third paragraph of the injunction, which begins...

"All parties shall use reasonable measures in identifying variations of
the filename(s), or of the spelling of the titles or artists' names, or
the works identified by plaintiffs."

but the first idea, probably not. and wouldn't that be a kick in the ass;
*finally* a compelling app for all those friends of friends of friends
schemes like sixdegrees and planetall. and jeez, just a few moments too
late. combine that with your standard IM buddy list and you've got
something there. (hmm, an interesting jabber add-in, perhaps.)



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