Wow -- this is cool...

From: Jeff Barr (
Date: Thu Mar 22 2001 - 16:17:32 PST

Something amazing happened -- I clicked on a banner ad and
found something useful behind it:

You may need the following access code:


This is a legitimate site run by General Mills (I checked the
whois info). You can create your own custom breakfast cereal
using any combination of 10 different kinds of flakes, 20
kinds of puffs, and 15 or so "other cereal forms." Then you
can add clustered addins, fruits, and nuts. You can get this
in a custom-labeled package in either a bowl or a pouch.
7 servings for about $8, plus $4 shipping.

I'm going for something with chocolate, mangos, and marshmallows.
The perfect way to start the day!


PS - I'm ready to be embarassed if this turns out to be a
     marketing survey or early April Fool's joke. But so far
     it looks real to me.

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