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Date: Thu Mar 22 2001 - 19:08:14 PST

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<< a écrit:
> this sure puts the meltdown of our economy in perspective:
> -- Four injured in scaffolding accident during Oscar preparations, CNN
> reports.
 Yeah, I know. I'm subscribed to breaking news also and I was totally
 puzzled why this was newsworthy. Is it (he askes naively but honestly)
 just because it has to do with the Oscars?
 - Joe >>

yep. if i had a million dollars for every time i fell off a 20' scaffolding
. . .

i'm watching the academy awards for the ryan stiles [1] fedex commercial
only. britney spears' pepsi commercial [2] (featuring new jewelry) is airing
online pre-show.


[2] millions of people contemplating one person's navel.

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