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ebXML and UDDI Days Featured at XML DevCon Spring 2001
in New York, 9-10 April -- Camelot Communications, leading
producers of IT conferences focusing on emerging technologies including
open source software, XML, Java, and Wireless, today announced ebXML
(electronic business extensible markup language) and UDDI (Universal
Description, Discovery, and Integration) Days at XML DevCon Spring 2001
with presentations from industry leaders IBM, Microsoft and Sun

"The UDDI and ebXML initiatives are compelling examples of growing industry
momentum supporting open standards for e-businesses," said Dr. Robert Sutor,
Director of e-business Standards Strategy for IBM, and a member of OASIS'
board of directors. "Open standards efforts like these, WSDL and W3C XML
Protocol will help businesses share data and collaborate with greater ease,
as well as create new revenue sources. Building greater awareness of these
benefits will help drive marketplace adoption and provide a solid foundation
for Web services within the evolution of e-business."

"For four days at XML DevCon in New York, the blueprint for next generation
B2B success will be revealed. Despite the experience of Internet startups,
recent studies indicate established companies are still making a major
investment in Internet commerce and XML-related technologies. For e-business
to move to the next level, investment by brick-and-mortar companies must be
coupled with technologies and standards that serve global markets and
organizations of any size." said Ken North, XML DevCon Conference Chair.
"XML DevCon 2001 provides an opportunity to learn directly from the
people developing the ebXML and UDDI infrastructure -- new standards
for universal e-business."

ebXML Day and UDDI Day will be on 9 and 10 April, respectively, at the
Marriott Marquis New York City. The unprecedented availability of the
respected industry leaders will give developers the first opportunity to
learn about important new specifications and lhow to write software for
accessing electronic business registries.

ebXML Day - 9 April

The vision of ebXML is to enable a global electronic marketplace where
enterprises of any size and in any geographical location can meet and
conduct business with each other through the exchange of XML based
messages. ebXML is a partnership between the United Nations, the
Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
(OASIS), and over 100 member organizations.

       200-300 pm -- ebXML Message Service,
          by Dick Brooks, Group 8760.

       300-400 pm -- ebXML Registry & Repository by Farukh Najmi,
          Sun Microsystems.

       400-500 pm -- B2B Integration with Electronic Trading Partner
          Agreements by Dr. Martin Sachs, T. J. Watson Research
          Center, IBM.

UDDI Day - 10 April

The Universal Description Discovery and Integration project is an
open industry effort focused on developing a standard approach to
describing and locating Web Services over the internet. As the entire
industry migrates toward Web Services, UDDI represents a missing link
in enabling businesses and services to easily share information across
the Web.

The tutorial will provide an overview of the UDDI project, and will
demonstrate the ability for programmers to interact with the UDDI registry
using available development tools from Microsoft and IBM.

      200-500 PM -- Introduction to UDDI and Available Development
      Tools by Mark Colan (IBM), Andrew Hately (IBM), Dan Rogers
      (Microsoft), and David Turner (Microsoft).

XML DevCon, the industry's leading XML developer conference, will feature
110 sessions from the industry's most respected technical experts,
gurus and advanced users at the New York City Marriott Marquis,
8 through 11 April.

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About Camelot Communications Corporation

Camelot Communications Corp. produces IT conferences focusing on emerging
technologies including open-source, XML, Java, and Wireless. Strategic
partnerships with leading IT and software organizations such as the Apache
Software Foundation, OASIS, and the Object Management Group (OMG), as well
as alliances with industry media and analyst groups have allowed us to
embrace the IT community in the United States and Europe. For a list of
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