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Date: Sat Mar 24 2001 - 07:00:31 PST

sirius competition for debeers:

these stones are guaranteed mined in canada. i don't know that debeers can
guarantee that none of their stones are smuggled from siera leone, even by
employing an imprint.

(sirius stones are imprinted with a cute little polar bear.)

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<< That, and the fact that they control most of that type of dirt in the
 world, creating the most effective cartel today.
 Although they're threatened by manufactured diamonds and cheap natural
 diamonds (often "blood diamonds", or politically-tainted stones used to
 fund violent regimes), they think they can hang on to their high margins
 by laser-inscripting the DeBeers name onto stones, guaranteeing their
 origin as natural stones mined by respectable people. Their branding goal
 is to make "true diamonds" and "DeBeers" synonomous.
 -Matt Jensen
  Seattle >>

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