BEWARE of the BUSH-wack while pursuing YOUR IMP:-)/Individual Maximum Potential!!!

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Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 05:12:32 PST

YOUtopia INstitute Newsletter

YOUtopia INstitute Newsletter #1

WARNING: Do not read any further if YOU are a volunteer psychological/mental slave to any political, corporate, religious, secret organization(s), tradition(s) or otherwise, and especially if YOU do not like to THINK clearly and KNOW the TRUTH in YOUR Heart and Mind, like it or not!!! 

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Or, just think 'What the hooee?' take a minute to allow yourself to check this out and be true to yourself about what YOUR heart and mind tells YOU, what YOU think and feel about the importance and TRUTH of what YOU find here. No razzle dazzle, hocus pocus, fluff, bluff, Pop ups or other kinds of intrusions, deceptions and diversions.

What YOU can find at our Web site [or] "" is FREE simple and fearless questions, answers, food for useful thought, links to vital information, original-hip-hot-smooth & groovy music clips, humor, Chat Room, Message Board, Poll, a chance to instantly win up to $30,000, and more.

And uhm, how about that 2000 US Presidential 'selection?' I've heard it said, quite a few times, that we should "Get over it" and unify behind our new 'selected' President. The problem with that is, the true facts cannot be ignored away or gotten over. There is a substantial list of significant unanswered and unresolved questions about what happened, and how, during that Presidential election "process" that involved our most important "sacred" political rights as people and citizens. At most, the truth, about anything, can be distorted, denied, suppressed, repressed, hidden and/or ignored for some limited period of time, but will inevitable rise to the surface and have to be dealt with one way or another, sooner or later. 

The most important Divine and innate gift that all of us sentient humans have is the ability and potential to have faith and courage enough to think clearly, learn and, if necessary, change our mind and behavior, rather than being a volunteer mental, soul and spiritual slave to fear and lies for whatever reason(s), like "Going along to get along," money, chronological longevity and the like. We were not able to "Stay out the Bush's" as Reverend Jessie Jackson advised us to. So now, The Best WE CAN DO is to 'Beware of the Bush-whack' and, especially, the 'am-Bush!!!'

Although, I am compelled to say that the new President's first speech and presentation to Congress, and the rest of us, was very impressive. If he backs up his words with his actions and deeds I will be one of those who votes for him next time around, which would be my first time ever voting for a Republican. He is one smooth rich Texas dude with a lovely and charming wife. His speech to Congress and the American people on the economic budget that he is submitting to Congress was defined by Senior Senator Byrd as "madness," and the simple math reminded me of what was termed "voodoo economics," during the Reagan administration, which resulted in the largest Federal deficit in the history of this country. As the Speaker of the House during the Reagan years, Jim Wright said at the time, "It is not possible to (1) cut taxes (2) increase military defense spending and (3) balance the budget." 

What odds would you give on US involvement in a major war before one year of the new President's term has passed? 

Do YOU think it is a bit odd to strange that after eight years of a US President's top priority of economic prosperity (which has succeeded), World peace efforts, and better US race relations, all of a sudden, like over night, without the consent of Congress and without - prior to the action - even telling the Turkish government where the US bombers are based or any of the other US allies other than Britain, and without any attack on or immediate threat to America or it's allies, the first action ordered by the new President, after less than one month in office, was to bomb Iraq and announce going forward with the building of a multi billion to trillion dollars missile defense shield, which may or may not work? 

UPDATE - week of 3/11/01: Oops, President Bush, less than two months into his term in office, has reneged on his campaign promise to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which, also breaks a 1997 international agreement reached in Kyoto, Japan on regulating "greenhouse gases" to curb global warming. This at the time when the latest studies indicate that global warming is increasing, causing severe weather changes and that carbon dioxide (a "greenhouse gas") emissions is a major contributing factor. Do YOU think this might have anything to do with the fact that oil rich President Bush's priority is selling more oil - the burning consumption of which is the major carbon dioxide emitting "greenhouse gas?" Huh?

HOT TIP!!! If YOU decide to run for President of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA -- THE ONLY 'Super Power' nation on the planet Earth -- DO NOT choose for your Vice President a 60 years old over weight person who has a history of heart attacks, no matter how nice a person or how efficient that person has been in the past. The Office of the Vice President of the USA is the second most important, official, job on this planet, and obviously is a high stress, fast pace and high activity occupation. Therefore it would be unfair to the person and their family and downright reckless and irresponsible to have anyone in that office with known high risk health problems. There is an abundance of equally qualified healthy people available.

Anyhow, believe it or not, the primary concern here is not the Bush's. They are temporary. The priority here is The One that is inescapable and permanent as long as we breath, live and can think, which concerns the pursuit, attainment, maintenance and sustaining of our IMP/Individual Maximum Potential, as best WE CAN, under whatever conditions. 

Some of the best help we can get with that goal is to remember where we come from and not be diverted from doing that by allowing our memory to be obscured by preoccupation with individual human fallibility issues. For an example, YOU CAN request, with a tax deductible donation, (
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And, YOU may be interested in knowing that The first human cloning company. Clonaid
[or] "" plans to produce the first human baby clone before the end of this year, and Michael Wells Mandeville has written in his new book, The Return of the Phoenix Book Three : The Prophecies MetaSyn Media Master Access [or] "", that hard scientific data from highly skilled "hard technicians" supports the predictions of Edgar Cayce that a shift in the location of the Earth's poles will create many catastrophic changes in the earth in this year of 2001, which will result in a reconfiguration of the oceans and land areas of this planet Earth.

Please do post YOUR thoughts about any of this on our Bulletin Message Board at
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There was a time when people could, sometimes, hide from the bad guys. Now there is HAARP (Angels Don't Play This haarp), Remote Viewing and all of those sorts of methods and techniques that are inescapable. So, forget about trying to hide. The only viable option is to develop and/or reinforce inner truth, knowledge, spirit, faith and courage of our hearts and minds.

And uhm, that ridiculous question about whether or not people are ready for Full Disclosure of ALL Known TRUTHS is a ruse that has played out. Ready or not we are subject to and being effected by many factors that will not allow us to be blissful in ignorance. 

Anyhow, keep on keeping on - straight ahead, albeit in a spiraling sort of way.

At YOUR service,
Rama Demetrius Dyushambee, Founder
[or] ""
AKA INspector Out Rageous, Cosmic Detective 

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World Scientists' Warning to Humanity

18 Nov, 1992.

"Human beings and the natural world are on a collision course. Human activities inflict harsh and often irreversible damage on the environment and on critical resources. If not checked, many of our current practices put at serious risk the future that we wish for human society and the plant and animal kingdoms, and may so alter the living world that it will be unable to sustain life in the manner that we know. Fundamental changes are urgent if we are to avoid the collision our present course will bring about." Warning to Humanity [or] ""

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