tell it to ginsburg

Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 05:47:16 PST

from today's papers

by Scott Shuger

Monday, March 26, 2001, at 3:19 a.m. PT

The NYT lead says that the women/law school trend is likely to
open up more career opportunities in government policy,
politics and business,

---> but also raises worries that it might lead to a "loss of prestige for
the profession." <---- (what's this? is prestige achieved only in
male-dominant professions?)

The story reports that despite the trend, the proportion of female
judges and lawyers at major law firms "has not kept pace,"
offering the example that in New York, where women represent
41 percent of associates, they are fewer than 14 percent of
partners. But this is a statistic in a vacuum--what the story
needs to address but is silent about is whether the rate of
women making partner is changing. The story also suggests
that the trend will have an effect on law schools themselves,
"perhaps making classes more teamlike and less adversarial."
Isn't this glib stereotyping? (yesh!) After all, as Bill Maher once
observed, that wasn't exactly a singing telegram Janet Reno
sent the Branch Davidians.


(bill forgot that part about the fbi strategists who, appealing to ms. reno's
maternal instinct, regaled her with stories of child sexual abuse and
proximity of guns to children, forcing her hand, or at least her trigger

it's only monday, more bad news will follow.


ps it should be noted that a female friend of mine scored a 99% on the LSAT
(none wrong). she took kaplan prep, but HEY.

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