Re: [Jeff Covey @ Freshmeat] We Are Losing the Browser War

From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 09:07:41 PST

Karl Anderson wrote:
> "Stephen D. Williams" <> writes:
> > Of course sites often abuse capabilities like Flash.
> I learned that having flash installed crashes my browser (netscape
> 4.72 on redhat 6.2, approx. 2 year old hardware) when I visit some
> sites. That makes flash currently unviewable under linux, as far as
> I'm concerned. Designers that use flash are shutting out linux users
> (at least the majority that use my vanilla setup), and if they
> don't know that, they haven't done jack for usability testing.
> --
> Karl Anderson

Flash works perfectly in Netscape 6 (but of course that's a pig).

I've had flash working very well in later 4.X browsers, 4.75 or 4.76.
Early 4.7X browsers like 4.72 were flakey on Linux. All of them have
some minor annoyances.


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