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About Kundi
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Why are we doing this?
Kundi.com was conceived in the laboratories of Interval Research Corporation in 1999 as a series of collaborations among researchers, artists, and entrepreneurs. As we watched the development of the web, we became convinced that use of web cams and streaming media would grow exponentially. Cheaper cameras, better compression technologies, and wider pipes all were inevitable developments. We believed that the result would be the development of more and more sites with time-critical information; the problem would be how to find out what was worth viewing at that instant. HotNow was our solution.

For research...
Developing HotNow is both interesting and challenging. We have been working with biologists and mathematicians who understand the dynamics of propagation, with engineers and programmers who understand the capabilities and limitations of the Internet, and with savvy interface designers who understand how people interact with each other in the virtual world. We want to see if we can facilitate a large virtual community that acts and responds spontaneously to changes on the Internet.

For art...
Many people are producing interesting events and placing web cams in interesting places. But a site with content is not sufficient; the site needs viewers as well. Kundi's HotNow technology levels the playing field, enabling anyone who generates good material to be noticed and to attract viewers. We like to say, "It's very Warhol."

For business...
Kundi.com is a business, and our plan is simple. We will launch and maintain a free HotNow application that covers the entire web (with an adult filter option). One might think of this as "free-range herding." If HotNow works as we expect, we will offer commercial licensed versions. Our potential customers are large aggregated web sites with dynamic activity, an active community, and no central editorial control. Such "corralled herding" adds value by providing "what's hot now" functionality for the community, by the community.

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