Re: tech support moving overseas-- complete with fictitious American names!

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Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 21:24:47 PST

At 05:28 PM 3/26/01 -0800, Strata Rose Chalup wrote:
>I found this fascinating. I have no problem with it, but it's an
>interesting ethical and cultural issue when workers in India need
>to invent American "cover stories" to do phone support! The article
>does not say *why* they need to do this-- whether it is self-imposed,
>by the company they work for, or requested by the clients who outsource
>call centers, or what. But it's very interesting..
>Hi, I'm in Bangalore (but I Dare Not Tell)

As I said in a similar discussion elsewhere:

I was involved in the early days of setting up the email helpdesk at
Unimobile (and remained a consulting resource for them until I moved on
from the company) and I can assure you this didn't happen there.

* Sure, sometimes you can't help having the same issue being answered by
different people, due to workloads, but we aimed at minimising it, so the
same person would answer.

* We also didn't feel any particular need to have yankified names appended
to the replies we gave.

* One data point, perhaps of interest, is that Unimobile's support team was
consistently rated one of the best around by end users as well as external
auditing agencies. This is perhaps related to the fact that they pay better
than market rates for this position.


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