Re: The *real* Jim Whitehead

Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 05:20:43 PST

> > I guess for guys it would have to be something like "your covert wannabe
> > name: Choose an obscure anachronistic hand weapon and add the name of
> > a past US president or cabinet figure (Dirk Johnson, Caltrop Hoover,
> > Bodkin Carter)"
> Henceforth, in all political discussions, I wish to be known as "Halberd Van
> Buren." Somehow, "Celtic Belly Spear Polk" just wasn't going to work for
> me...

Yeah, but what poor bastard gets to be "Mancatcher Weinberger"? Or
"Flail Garfield"? Although the latter does sound like some anti-80s
cartoon backlash fad.

Just call me Mace... Mace Madison.


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