RE: [Jeff Covey @ Freshmeat] We Are Losing the Browser War

From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 08:03:33 PST

On Mon, 26 Mar 2001, Josh Cohen wrote:

--]So, with the possible exception of disabled web viewers,
--]all these religious zealots, standards wonks (I've been one too),
--] IE is evil, anti-DHTML, keep the web simple whiners, and
--]especially the Web Standards Project people, can
--]take their noise somewhere else and fuck off.

JEzz man, I tink I got a stiffy reading this post.:)- It was a bright spot
in my morning.

There was a Tech Boom on the market...then there was a TEch BUst. Any
surprises? Nope. IT went up and it came down, gravity, laws of the market,
it took the dellusional wishing of the masses to make it otherwise and
when the bong hit of technomilla wore off there was the morning after
dreariness of the world waiting. All the hands clapping for tinkerbell
with cash poor margin haggaard moans of "I belive I belive" are for

Now, follow me on this, At near the same time there was the LInux Boom.
All of a sudden a niche OS, a great one mind you but still a niche OS,
soared in the press, took on the robes of saviour VS the evil of MS, and
walked the lands preaching about the good fight.

Dont you think its just about time for the cruxifiction? Do you hear the
carpenters working ont the cross? bang bang bang Listen real close and I
bet you can hear them lining up in the street to throw rocks. Grab a good
one folks.

"Hey Linus, I can see your house form up here"

Yea, and like the reffernced Nazzerean I bet that Linux's spirit gets
taken up and slowly, well not so slowly in this petri dish, a new religion
is formed. But like the thrice twisted version of the rabbis orginal
techings what we will eventualy get is the Catholisim of LInux, something
so far from the orginal spirit as to be counter to waht it was ment to be.
Heck, look at the gui nature of linux now compared to the violent CLIistic
greatness of its beginings.

And while Christians like to think of themselves as the most wide spread
and amazing of relgions all an unblind eye has got to do is look around to
see the Hebrews, Muslims, Hindus and others still alive in the face of the
true and right teachings of the resurected and reconstructed Christ
(thanks john and paul)

IS linux a good and usefull tool? Yep. In a world of consumer driven tech
is it going to replace windows at this stage in its dev? No more than Lego
Mindstroms will win a round against hybrid lawnmower sawsall robots in the
Battle Bots type competition. Sure legos are fun and can do neat things,
but watch out for that Black and Decker bot.

As for browsers, as for the desktop, as for the same damn thing ive been
saying since I got on this list, If your looking to leave your lab and
truly take over the world with your "greatest thing since seeded
sliced rye", you either Feed the consumer Need or you are an also ran.

"Narf, What are we going to do tomorrow night Steve?"

"Same thing we do every night Linus, Try to take over the world"

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