Re: [Jeff Covey @ Freshmeat] We Are Losing the Browser War

From: Robert Harley (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 14:42:47 PST

Ainsi parla Josh Cohen (
>[...lots of stuff...]

Most of that was clueful. A rant, but clueful nevertheless. However
this particular paragraph was somewhat amusing:

>Even IE has done a better job, Windows, Mac, Solaris, HPUX.
>While Linux may be a competitor in spirit, Solaris and HPUX
>are far more realistic competitors *today* in that they
>directly take away NT sales, especially in the server room.
>However, despite this, customers told MS they wanted
>IE for the platforms they have in their shops, hence
>the solaris and HPUX versions. Linux just doesn't exist
>in the same numbers in big business at this point...

On what planet is Linux not directly away taking NT sales, especially
in the server room? Adding to my personal amusement factor: just
yesterday afternoon + this morning I called Dell and IBM to see which
would be quickest to deliver a dual GHz server with ECC SDRAM and 10K
RPM SCSI disks. Of course they're configured for NT by default with
niceties like winmodems, 2-button Microsoft mice and Windows-only
software to handle the UPS etc.

I entertained the thought of getting NT. After all business is more
important than the OS jihads I participated in during my former life
as a student. After about 3 seconds of careful thought, I figured
that both servers are available with Linux instead and it can do
everything I want, better, for a few hundred bucks cheaper. :)

Then the service shop at tried to convince me I needed
Debian since RedHat is "tainted by commercial interests". For fuck's
sake. :(

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