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Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 21:22:37 PST

Tom WSMF wrote:
> On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> --]> While Im at it... Why is it that everyone wants this switch
> --]> to happen ? Aside from the fact that "IE doesnt run on Linux"
> --]> what is the fucking problem? Every review on the planet
> --]
> --]M O N O P O L Y
> --]Illegal, anti-competitive, annoying business practices
> L O O S E R
> Being beaten into submission by superior forces and then whinning about
> it. See WCW.

I'm not whining about Netscape as a company, I'm whining about not
suffering in a monopoly as a user/programmer. Monopolies are bad,
sooner or later. I wouldn't want AOL to control the market either. An
open source controlled market however would be most stable; hence my
appreciation for Linux, Apache, Perl, Gcc, etc.

> --]> Even IE has done a better job, Windows, Mac, Solaris, HPUX.
> --]> While Linux may be a competitor in spirit, Solaris and HPUX
> --]> are far more realistic competitors *today* in that they
> --]> directly take away NT sales, especially in the server room.
> --]
> --]And Linux doesn't? You need to check around more. Linux eats NT's
> --]lunch for a lot of small shops out there and a number of large ones.
> NUmbers number lets see some numbers. All this second hand tinkerbellisms
> is nice for the choir but youll have to sell the rest.
> --]I disagree but I won't produce hard numbers at this point.
> "I belive i belive...."

I don't have time to do scientific surveys and all I've found is a
couple references to Linux having more than 10 Million desktops over a
year ago. In places where Linux can be measured, such as web servers,
it's outpacing everything else. It now has a larger share than all
other Unixen put together (27% vs. 26% or something like that).

What it comes down to is, among other things, this:

A) personal experience that tells me that for my purposes Linux is much
B) for other peoples purposes it can be, and is becoming, much better,
C) MS practices are intolerable in many ways,
D) Because of my own self-interests I want to boost what I think is

It seems that these days there are many people who browse the web, do
email, and possibly use a word processor or spreadsheet, and possibly
play games. There are millions of users who's main use of their PC is
playing Solitare. Most of their other 'applications' are web services.
There are millions of mostly obsolete Windows apps that they will never
have an interest in running. For those people and anyone in a vertical
business environment, a Linux or Mac desktop is just as useful right

For a power user, you can't do without any of them. I now run Linux,
Win2kPro, and Win98 on my laptop, at the same time, through the magic of
VMWare and Samba. I switch back and forth constantly at times.

> So once again we have something based on rah rah bolsterism (the very
> thing that has kept APPLe firmly in its under 10% coccon all this time)
> and hopzzanas to the choirs with little connection to monetray foundations
> or facts.
> Sound like the Tech Bubble? Sound like a lot of things that go POp ?

Could be, but I doubt it. I've been reading about the death of Unix in
trade rags for at least 15 years. It's now stronger than ever. As open
source and at the level it's at now, it's just not going to go away. As
I've said to my buddies at ailing .Coms: "Survival is 80% of success."

A good example of what some of us see is shown here:

Weighed Web Server Share
July 2000

Report Description

How popular is a web server? Is it based on installed base, web pages
served out, or other means? This weighed web server share report
provides a market share analysis of web servers by weighing a web server
based on how many sites link to it (see methodology).

As a result, some web servers that may not rank very high on our regular
survey, may rank highly here, if they are used by very well known,
highly referenced web sites. As the number of websites change (top 50,
top 250 and top 1000 websites from our survey), the results are also
very interesting and different.


Weighed Web Server Share - Top 1000 Sites

Web Server Share
Apache 60.64%
Netscape-Enterprise 15.31%
Microsoft-IIS 11.26%
Not Known 3.40%
Stronghold 1.49%
NaviServer 0.88%

Almost definitely this means that only around 11% of the top 1000 sites
are running MS OSes.

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