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>I'm not whining about Netscape as a company, I'm whining about not
>suffering in a monopoly as a user/programmer. Monopolies are bad,
>sooner or later. I wouldn't want AOL to control the market either. An
>open source controlled market however would be most stable; hence my
>appreciation for Linux, Apache, Perl, Gcc, etc.
Yeah, god help us. If the market was controlled by open source,
there would be complete chaos. At least companies are predictable,
they respond to supply, demand and the pursuit of money.
Look at the current state of the open source projects. Take
a look at GNU, talk about rife with egotistical arguments,
power hungry people, and no business interest to get along.
Its quite similar to the failed CDE efforts. In a bid to
compete on the desktop, even the corporate, yet "open"
players like Sun, HP, IBM eventually succumbed to politics
and infighting. Ultimately their little tempest in a teapot
went unnoticed as the rest of the world installed windows..
Its all their fucking fault you have windows and not Linux.

If the market was "controlled" by open source, we'd all be
at the mercy of a bunch of power hungry 13 year olds just
like EFNET.

>Could be, but I doubt it. I've been reading about the death of Unix in
>trade rags for at least 15 years. It's now stronger than
>ever. As open
>source and at the level it's at now, it's just not going to go
>away. As
>I've said to my buddies at ailing .Coms: "Survival is 80% of success."
Unix has surged because of the internet boom, not just from Linux.

>A good example of what some of us see is shown here:
>Weighed Web Server Share - Top 1000 Sites
>Web Server Share
>Apache 60.64%
>Netscape-Enterprise 15.31%
>Microsoft-IIS 11.26%
>Not Known 3.40%
>Stronghold 1.49%
>NaviServer 0.88%
>Almost definitely this means that only around 11% of the top 1000 sites
>are running MS OSes.
And according to the same site, the top 50 sites show:
Web Server Share
Apache 31.31%
Netscape-Enterprise 23.08%
Microsoft-IIS 17.64%
Not Known 8.17%
Stronghold 2.88%

You're also too conservative in assuming that none of the Netscape servers
are being run on NT.

Also, look at Netcraft, which show a far less optimistic view for
Developer January 2001 Percent February 2001 Percent Change
Apache 16207982 58.75
Microsoft 5903512 21.40
iPlanet 1772154 6.42
The stats can vary alot depending on where you look. The most important
sites, for MSFT and Sun, are where the volume is. Today, thats
in large coporations for line of business and intranet stuff.
It would be nice to see the intranet numbers, where IIS is traditionally
much higher since enterprise sales is microsoft's strong point.

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