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Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 00:55:56 PST

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>Unfortunately this means that I agree in one sense with you.
>Mozilla is
>still *way* too big and slow for devices (my 0.8 on Linux is running at
>about 30-40megs on average). Until the folks get around to
>trimming it down, it's not going anywhere near a device -- or at least,
>anywhere near a device that has less than 80% of the hardware spec of a
>typical desktop PC.
Yeah, you'll surely be crucified for agreeing with me. :)
That was really my point, that Mozilla is way too fucking big.

The other point was that the "mobile" web will be sufficiently
complex as well. Most mobile browsers have subsets of HTML.
I doubt that the new web will be able to be constrained
to a "simple" world.

Pocket IE, for CE, uses the same code in most of the browser
as its win32 brethren, so it does contain most of the stuff
for Javascript, DOM, etc.. its not perfect, but pocket
IE is one of the best I've seen.
Dont forget that in things like the iPaq, you've got 64+Meg RAM
and a 200Mhz processor running CE.

>> It may even be that new and even more awkward
>> device-specific things are created to make our world even more
>> complex...
>Well, yeah, WAP in other words ;)

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