Re: [Jeff Covey @ Freshmeat] We Are Losing the Browser War

From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 08:53:43 PST

On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Stephen D. Williams wrote:

--]In a sense, choosing IE over Netscape/Mozilla is akin to choosing a
--]controlled audio format over MP3.

Bzzzzzzzzzzt you have mixed the concepts.

IE is a browser of formats (html, etc) MP3 is a format.

So chosing IE is chosing a reader of formats not the format itself.

I could understand it if you had said "its like choosing PDF over HTML
back in the early '90s"

--]> Its actually quite shameful if you are right. AOL has
--]> a Linux version built, yet they wont even let a beta out
--]> for linux users to try? And we all know that linux
--]> users are far more likely to be technically savvy
--]> and deal with beta issues. Yet still AOL is mum?

Why the hell would AOL want tech savy people on its service? Specialy
people like Linux folks who will start raisng the expecation bar of the
user base, even , horrors, start and OSS wave.

AOL is about as antiLinux as MS. Its Closed minded versus Open (well at
least linux says its more "open")

ANd why the heck would a linux user want to go on AOL? Talk about
supporting a Proprietary CLosed SOurce Company, AOL should be on top of
your hit list with MS.

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