Re: [Jeff Covey @ Freshmeat] We Are Losing the Browser War

From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 10:34:14 PST

On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
--]I mixed them purposely. There is an underlying principle of avoiding
--]situations of abusive control.
--]AOL, in the long run, wants everyone on its service. Of course that
--]would be bad; we need completely independant ISP's, at least for elite
--]users. Still, I pay for several accounts for my kids to use (and
--]historical reasons) along with a number of other Internet access

You pay to put your kids in a situation of abusive control?

AOL is to the net what MS is to OSS.

--]> AOL is about as antiLinux as MS. Its Closed minded versus Open (well at
--]> least linux says its more "open")
--]For the most part, I disagree. There are (security) reasons why their
--]client is closed and development reasons why they are Win32 mostly and
--]Mac slightly. I can't say much more than that.

Its not just the code. Code is the trees, look at the forrest. Censorship
as a standard part of the service, gated comminuty mindset, controled
content, and lets not forget the foot draggin it did in the face of the
nets promise.

--]AOL doesn't have the same evil bent as MS as far as I'm concerned.

SO know we know how your bent.

--]AOL was the first 'Online Service' to embrace the web and they did it
--]pretty well.

Oh jezz.

--]Their only screwup was the .ART format and everything related to it,
--]although it did buy them a bit in caching. Well their other major
--]screwup was not letting (My) Instant Images go live (bastards!), but I

SO you dont see any problem with censoring, an abusive TOS, and dumbed
down software a problem?

Wowswer scooby, and I thought ai was hitting the scooby snacks harshly.

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