RE: RTTP-- any comments?

From: Mark Day (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 12:26:36 PST

> Hey, I didn't say it was any good, I just asked if folks had comments. :-)
> What made it interesting was that Bob Braden forwarded it to the
> end2end-interest list. Dunno if it was a "hey, this has merit", "hey,
> somebody help these poor bunnyrabbits", or "hey, new species of armadillo
> found on digital superhighway". Or "other"-- was fwd'd w/o comment.

I'm a little fuzzy on FoRK etiquette, but isn't it some sort of misbehavior
to just send out a URL without having invested the effort to telling folk
what it is or why it's interesting? e.g., shouldn't this story about Braden
have accompanied the URL in the first place?

And even if Braden did something unhelpful like sending it out on a
different list without any added-value bits, does that make it OK for doing
it on FoRK?

Just wondering,


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