Re: RTTP-- any comments?

From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 12:30:33 PST

I didn't want to prejudice anyone toward thinking, "hmm, it looks like
crap to me, but if Braden forwarded it I must be missing something..."

FoRK seems to lack a lot of mailing list etiquette, most notably that
where folks reply only to the list-- no problem with your msg, Mark, but
the huge spewing replies to the MS/AOL/TLA thing have had huge headerlists.

Old bits seem to be the only thing folks get routinely wruffed about here.
Keyword being "routinely".


Mark Day wrote:
> > Hey, I didn't say it was any good, I just asked if folks had comments. :-)
> >
> > What made it interesting was that Bob Braden forwarded it to the
> > end2end-interest list. Dunno if it was a "hey, this has merit", "hey,
> > somebody help these poor bunnyrabbits", or "hey, new species of armadillo
> > found on digital superhighway". Or "other"-- was fwd'd w/o comment.
> I'm a little fuzzy on FoRK etiquette, but isn't it some sort of misbehavior
> to just send out a URL without having invested the effort to telling folk
> what it is or why it's interesting? e.g., shouldn't this story about Braden
> have accompanied the URL in the first place?
> And even if Braden did something unhelpful like sending it out on a
> different list without any added-value bits, does that make it OK for doing
> it on FoRK?
> Just wondering,
> --Mark

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