currency vs. stability -- was Re: [Jeff Covey @ Freshmeat] We Are Losing the Browser War

From: Eirikur Hallgrimsson (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 13:43:43 PST

On Wednesday 28 March 2001 15:19, Strata Rose Chalup wrote:
> So, is your laptop which you use as your central focus in life and
> work a production system or a tech end user system?

It is this dichotomy (and my flip-flopping) that causes me much
frustration both for my mnemonic prosthesis and general "raster-age talisman"
laptop and my major workstation at home. I want the latest, but I need
stability, too. I really hate restoring backups or backing-out buggy updates.

The laptop is stable for the moment because there is no beta of LinuxPPC at
the moment. At home, the Pentiums are struggling with "Tractopel," the
Mandrake 8.0 betas. Be afraid. A rational project manager would call that
state pre-Alpha. Mandrake is now shipping everything that I have to install
to make a Linux distribution home for me, save for the network sniffers that
I don't expect to be installed by a generic distribution. I would have
expected the Mandrake Update utility to work in the second beta, so that you
could get out of the beta state when 8.0 is released, but no, that's still at
the 7.2 version, which is bombing. I should create an icon of a kitchen sink
for them. With a bomb in it.


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