Million Scam March

From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 14:10:11 PST

This from

Napster is organizing its own, Million Fan March on Washington in order to
convince the Senate Judiciary Committee that P2P online content trading is
a Good Thing. (Ok, it's not actually called the Million Fan March. I just
made that up to be clever.) Anyway, MP3 Newswire has the scoop, as does
Napster's home page. From their front page:

On April 3, 2001 in Washington, DC, the Senate Judiciary Committee is
holding a hearing about Napster and the future of digital music. Many
members of the Napster community will be joining us in Washington to help
educate Congress that it is important not to let the recording industry
shut down music file sharing. Supporters of Napster who cannot make this
special event can still help by contacting your member of Congress with a
phone call or an email. Lend your voice to millions of other Napster
supporters in this critical effort to preserve the Napster community and
the file sharing experience.

Perhaps Metallica will be there to stage a counter-protest? And perhaps
some taunting will ensue, and Metallica will threaten to pull the
protesters' hair and scratch them. I'd like to see Lars threaten
Courtney Love (who will be there to testify before the Committee). She'd
beat him within an inch of his life, and send him crying back to his
lawyer. -Hannibal


I wont march to support Napster Co. but I will march to see Courtney kick
the snot out of the Girly Man Lars.

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