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Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 15:36:59 PST

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>On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Josh Cohen wrote:
>> oh please.
>> If we're talking about "bonafide" real companies using it,
>> the license to machine ratio is low, since the support
>> from redhat (or other) is important to them.
>Support from redhat, unlike support from M$, is not tied to a
The installation support *is* intended only for the licenced
copy machine...

As for general paid-for support contracts,
that depends on what plan you choose.

>> If we're talking about the freewheeling people
>> who dont care about support, then it may be higher.
>> But I still think that today, even for someone
>> who might copy, its cheaper and less hassle to buy
>> your own redhat for $29...
>Most of the linux installations were put in without the knowledge (or
>blessing) of MIS management in many cases. There are plenty of print,
>file, and webservers out there running linux, completely unbeknownst to
>the beancounters.
If "most" of the linux population in business is unknown to MIS,
then they must be noise compared to the windows PCs. If you think
about it the proportion of machine hardware thats unaccounted for
by the beancounters cannot realistically be more than a minority
of the total hardware at a given enterprise. So, even
if every unaccounted for machine was a linux server in a closet
somewhere, they would still be dwarfed by the number of windows
servers and clients..

>> Finally, NT/2k costs alot, did it ever occur that the licence count
>> for it might be low as well? People pirate 2K a LOT. Most
>> noncommercial linux users I know paid for a redhat CD to support the
>> cause but went right ahead and burned a copy of 2k.
>So why risk a lawsuit that you'd probably lose?
Piracy is a FACT and its quite large. I was just saying that
that should be accounted for as well if you want to play the
"1 license == 100 seats of linux" game.

>Or are you completely
>unaware of all the spyware M$ has embedded in that product?
Care to back that up ?
Please quote actual details of what is happening, not coward shit like
"the well known thing that was mentioned in all the news"
Basically, the only things I've heard were information
being sent along with registration transactions with msft
that were already initiated by the user.
Obviously a pirate would not choose to register his copy...

As usual, things were blown way out of proportion in the
interest of privacy concerns.

WHile working at MSFT I dont remember hearing about anything
other than that type of issue.

Of course, you've got me on the Word one.
 you do know about the word scanner in MS Word that
looks for anti Microsoft words and forwards key strokes to Microsoft so
that tech support can "help" you with any problems you have
or prevent you from installing another OS...

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