Rohit's Gadget Orgasm, or, Tivo Has Changed My Life

From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 22:11:32 PST

So Rohit had a gadget orgasm. Only took 150" of image to do it.
;-) I guess I'm just a simpler guy --- all it took for me was Tivo.

So here's the story. I *NOW* watch the Daily Show, Dennis Miller,
the Sopranos, South Park, all the reality game show programming I can
get, and the occasional Win Ben Stein's Money (I find myself
strangely attracted to Nancy, I dunno why, maybe because she's such a
nerd... and I could *so* punk Ben's ass) on a regular basis. My
guilty indulgence is Dharma and Greg: jeez that chick is so polar to
everything I belive in, and yet, I'm so hot for her. It's not a
physical thing, either --- I just love chicks that annoy the hell out
of me. (Wink, wink. :-) Add in an equal but random helping of IFC,
FoodTV, HGTV, CNN, CNBC, TLC, Discovery and PBS and you'll have my
viewing habits fully characterized. Oh, and I may have rented Naught
Nurses XIII last month via VDO, I dunno. And (gasp) I've watched The
Beach 9 times, not because of the hot little French chick but because
I think it's a great life lesson --- in courage, pursuing dreams, and
the potential existance of evil hippies. ;-) I don't care if Tivo
sells this info to somebody else, anonymous or not. Like somebody
reading the FoRK archive couldn't have deduced these things about me
anyway. :-)

Here's the punch line: a few years ago, I didn't even have an
antenna hooked up to my TV, much less a cable. My TV was purely a
video display device. I watched *0* hours of TV a month on a regular
basis, for years --- the better part of my adult life, in fact. Now,
I manage to cram as much or more regular TV programming into my life
as your average joe, and it takes me about 1/2 the average joe's time
budget to keep current on all of it. And I can do it at my leisure.

Acquiring these habitual viewing habits has only impacted my reading
time by about 20%, and it's had no impact whatsoever on my social

What a great innovation! This device allows total overachiever
insomniac workaholic extroverts with already-packed social calendars
to indulge in the same passive couch-potatoism as the average joe,
and consequently close the pop-media-cultural literacy gap!

Lemme tell ya: best few hundred bucks I ever spent on a consumer
electronics gadget, no shit, end of story. And it's a Linux box to
boot, BONUS! No regrets at all. None. It ain't perfect, but it's
as close as I've ever gotten from something you can buy at Circuit

Jeff Bob sez check it out!



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