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From: Tom Hume (
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 01:35:18 PST

At 11:25 29/03/2001 +0200, Frank Bergmann wrote:

>I got a different idea when I visited a FirstTuesday meeting in Barcelona
>sponsored by Ericsson. They (Ericsson) presented their Symbian/EPOC
>development environment for their next generation phones

That's certainly true - and we're doing some game development for EPOC at
the moment - but as you say, it's for next generation phones. Right now,
today, WAP is the only option for wireless apps (unless your app is simple
enough to carry over SMS) - at least here in the UK.

Also looking at your list, I see Java was getting fairly panned (except in
the back-end); Symbian are taking great pains to emphasise their Java
support at the moment - with some decent SDKs out there, and Java being
included in all their current reference designs.

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