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Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 06:05:05 PST

Tom Hume wrote:
> Also looking at your list, I see Java was
> getting fairly panned (except in the back-end);
> Symbian are taking great pains to emphasise
> their Java support at the moment - with some
> decent SDKs out there, and Java being
> included in all their current reference designs.

Yes, I saw this. But honestly, we once had to
recommend a client to upgrade their memory to
128MByte to run a poor Java app on a production
line, so itīs difficult for me to imagine that any
reasonable Java game could run in the 8M of an
Epoc. And itīs so slow!

Did you make positive experiences with that


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the web hype is dead, all right, but letīs be constructive: Whatīs next?
Someone is still reading the Wired hype indicator?

Conforming to the "salary indicator" in Europe, it seems that the hot
topics currently are:
1. "Mobile" game programming
2. Other mobile programming
3. Supply Chain Management & Customer Relationship Management
implementations at the global fortune 5000

Thatīs nice to know, but quite obvious and boring. In fact, it seems to
me that web innovation is slowing down considerably.

So, can somebody help me to figure out where the value/money is in
the next 12 months? Below are my personal candidates.


- Mobile applications
- XML backend integration using SOAP (.NET, ONE)
- Bluetooth, DECT & Wirless Ethernet
- Redesigning HTML web sites for Opera/Pocket Explorer
- Extending company boundaries using SCM and CRM
- ASP for simple frontend applications (DAV, web office, project rooms)

- SMS based mobile services
- Instant messenging
- IP Telephony & Video
- Linux for servers
- Broadband@home
- P2P (now subscription based)
- Slowly but steady gowing B2C segment
- Java in the backend
- Systems integration using Message Oriented Middleware
  (MQSeries, JMS)

- B2B quickshots (Catalogs, Marketplaces, ...)
- Corba & Distributed objects
- ASP for "hard" business applications

At the Bottom
- B2C outside the brick&mortar companies
- Linux at the frontend
- Java at the browser
- Java "frameworks" for both front- and backend

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