Re: Next hype to go for

From: Karl Anderson (
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 11:09:28 PST

Mike Dierken <> writes:

> > > So they definitely try to foster application (game)
> > programming for their
> > > mobile phones. And yes, imagine 50% of all mobile phones to include
> > > PalmOS. Just find the "killer game" ...
> >
> > I thought people had, driving while using one of the !@#$%!#% things!
> >
> > I'm in near-accidents several times a week becasue are people
> > talking on
> > these things, and i dont even want to think about all the
> > time I wait at a
> > light becasue the person in front of me hasn't moved post-green.
> Isn't there some sort of low-range 'supression signal' somebody could cook
> up?
> Inject too much noise for the things to work, whatever...
> Sell it for $25.00(US) like a radar detector - but more like an 'idiocy
> preventor'.

Spark plugs cause radio interference; modern spark plugs have
resistors that are supposed to prevent this. There was talk on the
motorcycle NGs a few years ago about using non-resistor plugs to make
a cellphone-free area around your motorcycle, but even if this or any
other suppression measure worked, I wouldn't use it on the road -
better a driver talking on the phone than a driver shaking, tapping,
jiggling his phone or doing other futile moves to try and figure out
why it doesn't work.

Karl Anderson 

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