AFT FairTax is Progressive (was Re: Jeff's Retraction, with Equations!)

From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 14:19:22 PST

I'm going to have to go model it to truly believe it now that Dave's got my
worldview all screwed up, ;-) but here's an excerpt from the discussion of FairTax:

     The AFT FairTax is Progressive

     The distribution of the AFT tax proposal is fairer than present tax law
     because the FairTax only taxes consumption above the poverty line,
     assuring each family the ability to spend tax free for their basic needs.
     In this way, the AFT FairTax, unlike the current system, exempts from
     taxation the basic necessities of life. This is accomplished by providing
     a rebate to each family equal to the taxes paid on the purchase of
     essential goods and services as determined by the HHS Poverty Level. The
     rebate would be paid monthly in advance to every family. The monthly
     family allowance for 2000 can be found in Table 1.

Whether this means that it's EQUITABLE under our previously arrived at definition,
I'm as yet unsure.


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