Re: Nightmare on Elm Street with Win2k Professional

From: Matt Jensen (
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 19:17:56 PST

On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, Joseph S Barrera III wrote:

> xcopy, my friend.
> xcopy /icekfhd d:\joebar \\somewhere\d$\joebar
> xcopy onto somewhere else where you can see and here the files living
> and breathing as they ought to be.

Even better, if you the WinNT/W2K Resource Kit, is robocopy.
It is much more robust, offers more features, and I think it's the basis
of Microsoft's Content Replication Service (part of Site Server).

Below is a description I grabbed from Google.

-Matt Jensen

( from )

"ROBOCOPY is essentially a souped up version of XCOPY which will handle just about anything thrown at it. - It copes with transient network problems, by being able to retry an infinite number of times. - can produce "TRUE" mirroring of a directory structure and files . ie if a file/dir is deleted off the source, robocopy will delete it from the destination when it is next copied. - can handle crashes during copying. If a crash of any sort happens, just start ROBOCOPY off with the same parameters / directories etc, and it will skip the files / dirs off the source that have already been copied. saves HEAPS of time.

- gives ETA on files as they are copied. Allows you to have some idea about how long things are going to take. - Handles problems on destination, such as disk filling up. I was copying about 2.5gb between machines and the destination drive filled up. All I did was start file manager and compress some stuff, and robocopy sat there retrying until some space was freed. Try doing THAT with XCOPY.

Glenn Corbett Australian Trade Commission"

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