Re: Nightmare on Elm Street with Win2k Professional

From: Joseph S Barrera III (
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 19:54:42 PST

Yes, you're right. I've heard of robocopy and have just ignored it.
Although I must point out that if xcopy gets stuck halfway through,
repeating it (at least with /icefkhd) just copies the remaining files.

For a single huge file, copy /z is invaluable; I hope robocopy has
picked up that functionality as well? (Restartability within a single

My defense is that I learned to use xcopy in '92 and I never felt a
need to switch to anything else.

Now... the interesting question (now that I've switched to Linux)...
what is the Linux (or BSD) equivalent of robocopy?

I've been using cp -furv (sounds like "furby") as my xcopy /icefkhd
(sounds like "ice fuckhead") equivalent. But it still would be cool to
find a robocopy equivalent for Linux.

- Joe

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