Re: Nightmare on Elm Street with Win2k Professional

From: Joseph S Barrera III (
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 21:25:41 PST

And lo, Eirikur Hallgrimsson saith unto us:
> [ Extreme shell geekery. Not of any other interest. ]
> I use cp -rauvx as my fallback, but this won't copy hidden files and I've
> not figured out a way to get cp to do that.

Hidden files? In Unix? Do you mean like if you have a FAT partition mounted?

> I prefer to use cpbk, "backup copy" which can be found on Freshmeat.

Cool, I'll take a look at it (along with rsync).

> A really cute hack that I learned from a colleague on this Tru-64 adventure
> is to run two copies of tar piped. This preserves all the file attributes,
> dates, etc, and offers all the features of tar. I turned it into a utility
> shell script thusly:

Yep, that's definite the old school way of doing things.
(Albeit I'm not sure -C existed in the old days.)
But what's the tar equivalent of cp -u?
I feel comforted when I can do that second pass and see
no output (nothing needed to be copied).

- Joe

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