Re: Rohit's Gadget Orgasm, or, Tivo Has Changed My Life

From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 21:54:15 PST

Jeff Bone wrote:
> What a great innovation! This device allows total overachiever
> insomniac workaholic extroverts with already-packed social calendars
> to indulge in the same passive couch-potatoism as the average joe,
> and consequently close the pop-media-cultural literacy gap!
> Lemme tell ya: best few hundred bucks I ever spent on a consumer
> electronics gadget, no shit, end of story. And it's a Linux box to
> boot, BONUS! No regrets at all. None. It ain't perfect, but it's
> as close as I've ever gotten from something you can buy at Circuit
> City.

Absolutely. We're all addicted. We have to budget storage space
between the three of us. I'm going to get to the extra hard drive hack

I was recently impressed with the ReplayTV menus, but we've had our TiVo
for so long I can't remember what TV used to be like and it's been
great. I believe I ordered one when the story first hit /., whenever
that was.

> Jeff Bob sez check it out!
> :-)
> jb

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