Re: ReiserFS (was: Re: currency vs. stability; was: some crap)

From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 22:30:48 PST

Joseph S Barrera III wrote:
> And lo, Stephen D. Williams saith unto us:
> > Who has native support for ReiserFS (i.e. at install time) besides SuSE
> > (7.0+)?
> >
> > I thought RedHat 7.0 added it, but I just found out differently.
> >
> > ReiserFS is a requirement for me, at least for laptops and servers.
> I didn't know ReiserRS was stable enough to be useful for anyone?
> I'd love to run it but I figured I'd have to wait a while if I didn't
> want to live with the possibility of nuking my laptop (which is my life).
> - Joe

It was declared stable by SuSE, a major funding source for the project,
and the ReiserFS team over a year ago. It's a standard option with SuSE
7.0. I have a procedure for getting it setup with RedHat installs, but
using SuSE is so much easier. Not to mention that SuSE ships EVERYTHING
they can. Several thousand packages. 7.0 professional comes on a DVD
and/or 6 cds.

ReiserFS is also standard with the Linux kernel 2.4.1+. There was some
agreement that it would be in 2.4.1, not 2.4.0, but it was a major push.

I've had zero problems with it, beyond a mostly harmless artifact where
old versions would sometimes report very large block sizes for files
that were just opened. Since I commonly do 'du |sort -rn >dun'
everywhere, the 'dun' file would often have a huge apparent size. Seems
to be gone.


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