Two things unrealted?

From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Fri Mar 30 2001 - 08:20:47 PST

Wednesday night, Im happily being a happy boy doing the usenet fishing
net pull when all of a sudden some red dots appear on my screen. Rubbing
of eyes leads to naught. 5 mins latter green lines the size of a pixel or
two span the desktop eating into what ever apps are in its way? Its like
watching a corewars run, but i didnt run it. 10 mins latter, lock up.

Damning windows I boot into my linux partion. 20 mins latter Same thing.
Video card? Seems liekly.

SO question to the audience, whats the fab fab vid card for under 2 c
notes? Games, gui and x are major uses.

Wednesday aftersnoon, IM stiiting in the dentist office for my first visit
in years, years and more years. Xray tech is startled I have a hunk of
metal in my tongue. Xrays look damn cool. The dentist proceeds to do a
check up. For years of neglect nothing is that bad, some holes need
filling an old broken tooth needs to come out and...and the gum line near
the back of my front forward teeth seems to be...missing. Culprit?

Thursday morning Im back for a cleaning and second looksee. After the pick
and buff they do a front set of pics and a probe...Seems the piercing has,
over the years, worn a little home foritself in my gumline. This happens,
says the doc with 10 fingers in my mouth, to a percentage of tongue
pierced folks. What to do?

Simplest solution was executed in the dentists office to the my wifews
amazment..I just took the damn thing out. "wont you miss it" "honey its a
peice of" So now it sits in my wifes Keepsake chest, a part of
our courtship there for always.

Moral of both storys, When something is broke, fix it.

HAppy side effects--the kid is off to her dads all weekend so the wife and
I get to learn hwo to kiss and I get a new grfx card. Oh the whicked
tasks of life.

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