Re: Does consumption tax include real estate sales? (Was: Consumption 2)

From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Fri Mar 30 2001 - 09:18:35 PST

Russell Turpin wrote:

> > The blue collar worker is *starting his own business.*
> > It's a B2B transaction. It's not taxed.
> That's fair in principle. But it comes as the expense
> of administrative complexity and inevitable widespread
> cheating.

The latter, perhaps... the first is a non-issue. Purchases made
under any federal employer tax ID number would be exempt. Having said
that, a transaction tax is simpler.

> True libertarians oppose incorporation. The notion
> of a corporation as an artifical person is a State
> sham, intended to separate investors from liability
> for their decisions. A group can make whatever rules
> it wants to manage itself. Of course. But the State
> should not give it special status because of that, and
> certainly should not prevent aggrieved parties from
> pursuing liability straight through to those who
> financially underwrote the harmful act.

Sounds entirely reasonable to me. BTW, I've decided I'm not a
libertarian, whether or not I voted for Harry Browne. Label-aversion
aside, I guess I'm a strict-capitalist opportunistic pragmatic
"rational anarchist." (Cf. Heinlein for latter.) Or something.

> I was corrupted when I became a corporate officer.
> You led me down the primrose path, and turned me
> into a softie social democrat who believes in the
> State, incorporation, investment without liability,
> and other unlibertarian ideas. ;-)

Heh heh heh...



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