Re: Transaction tax equations... Re: So .. how does a transaction tax stack...

From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Sat Mar 31 2001 - 12:47:58 PST

Jeff Bone wrote:

> It's *always* possible. Any situation where it's "not possible" is actually just
> an artifact of the cultural prejudice I mentioned earlier, our prideful notion
> that each of us is somehow entitled to some minimum standard of living.

I should've said "our prideful and irresponsible notion that each of us is entitled
to the maintenance of some minimum standard of living, and it's the obligation of
everyone else to fund that minimum standard of living."

> I once knew a programmer who lived for several months on about $8 / day while
> earning around $50k / yr working for a computer manufacturer. (Hot tip: you can
> eat a generally balanced meal at 7-11 for less than $2.00.) During this period,
> he lived in a van, showered in the corporate gym, and had no expenses.

I forgot the punch line! He did this in order to quickly save up enough for a
downpayment on a condo. He did this for some number of months --- more than 3 and
less than 9, IIRC --- and at the end of this period, got his condo.

Tom SomethingGermanic, worked at Dell around '92, and if he hasn't died or moved
since he's still living in that condo to this day.



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