Re: Nightmare on Elm Street with Win2k Professional

Date: Sun Apr 01 2001 - 03:02:04 PDT

Karl Anderson <> writes:
> I'm using rsync to backup several machines onto a backup box, where
> some machines are in the bb's firewall, some not. Good for simple
> backups, you know where the config file is. Bad for versioned
> backups; I'd like to keep some old versions of changed files, but the
> best I can do is have the bb wastefully copy a second version of the
> whole tree (but I guess this should be a job for the bb's filesystem,
> anyway).

This is a pain. Let me know if you get a filesystem that solves it ;)

> Also, in order to cron it, root needs to be able to ssh to
> the backup machine w/o passwords from any other machine, which just
> sucks.

You should run the cron jobs on the backup machine; then root only
needs to be able to ssh from the backup machine w/o passwords *to* any
other machine, which isn't bad at all.

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