Re: [Jeff Covey @ Freshmeat] We Are Losing the Browser War

Date: Sun Apr 01 2001 - 03:01:38 PDT

"Stephen D. Williams" <> writes:
> I'm still hopeful that AOL will some day throw the switch and all of
> their users will be using Netscape instead of IE. For the longest time,
> AOL users were a significant portion of IE usage, without which Netscape
> would have been ahead far longer. How ironic, and incredibly strategic,
> that AOL now owns Netscape.

Yes --- it was awfully lucky for Microsoft that its ally AOL bought up
Netscape at a crucial moment in the lawsuit, wasn't it?

> Netscape will never go away completely and at some point should start
> making a comeback. In the meantime, IE's not available on Linux and
> Linux usage, even on the desktop, is expanding quickly.

I'm a lot more optimistic about that than I was a year ago, but I'm
still not terribly optimistic. Mozilla still sucks in a myriad of

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