Re: Linux equivalent to Age of Empires? (a request)

From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 07:58:55 PDT

On Sun, 1 Apr 2001, Robert S. Thau wrote:

--]Well, there's always classic Empire (see for the latest
--]version). This does require having folks to play against, but that's
--]not necessarily a bad thing...

I play games, and I have played Empire and AoE. Empir is a great game but
is NOT a substitute for AoE, let alone AoE2.

And if you want to blow your brain out 100%... Black and WHite from
Lionhead, Peter Molyneux. Molyneux is perhaps the coolest games creator of
all time, right up ther with Sid Myer.

SO while I sympathise with folks whos OS wont play these games, please do
not insult the idea by saying Boons COuntry Boxed will replace the
Full on Grape of a Bordeux or BUd LIght is a viable alternative if you
cant get Guiness.

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