Re: Why "progressive" tax schemes are evil

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Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 07:49:13 PDT

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--]Tom WSMF <> writes:
--]> Having credit is not the same as having the fiscal fortitude to use it
--]> wisely. This is a probelm with the end user, not the system itself.
--]Nitpick: you mean 'prudence', not 'fortitude'.

I dont know who the hell this Prudence chick is you want me to use, but
whorey dont play that.
The word I wanted to use was FORTITUDE....AS in , do you have the Solid
Foundations to do whats in your best interest EVEN when given the
appealing options to screw yourself long term.

Its a word of strength, of proaction, of weight.

The use of the word is right.

AS shown by this little entry from

  Fortitude \For"ti*tude\, n. [L. fortitudo, fr. fortis strong.
     See Fort.]
     2. That strength or firmness of mind which enables a person
        to encounter danger with coolness and courage, or to bear
        pain or adversity without murmuring, depression, or
        despondency; passive courage; resolute endurance; firmness
        in confronting or bearing up against danger or enduring
              Extolling patience as the truest fortitude.
              Fortitude is the guard and support of the other
              virtues. --Locke.

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