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Date: Tue Mar 20 2001 - 19:21:37 PST

The Market Watch
News Flash: Important Press Release

March 14, 2001

* Symbol ADMD (OTCBB)
* Shares Outstanding 14,197,000
* Float 5,400,000
* Recent Price $.27
* 52 Week High $2.25

It seems there is a company out there that can pull 100% pure drinking
water from the air! This is a revolutionary process that can bring
clean drinking water to the most contaminated water supply areas in the
world. The WaterStar Air to Water Hydrological System can produce
100% pure drinking water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.
The system is able to produce five gallons of drinking water every
24-hour cycle.

As water is generated from the surrounding atmosphere, it passes
through fail-safe and continuous station filtration systems and is
collected in a sterile reservoir. The resulting drinking water
surpasses EPA purity standards and contains no harmful chemicals,
bacteria, pesticides, trace metals or chlorine. While the system is
generating pure water, the system is also removing harmful dust and
other particles from the air. The result could be one of the best new
products to come around in years with unlimited potential.
The bottled water industry is growing at a 30% rate each year with
annual sales of bottled and filtered water at 4 billion per year.
Advanced Medical Technologies Inc. has licensed their new
WaterStar Air to Water Hydrological System that is due out Q3 2001.
With the strong interest in the product, we think this is a great
opportunity to get involved with the stock at this level.

The WaterStar Air to Water Hydrological System could replace the office
water coolers and take a huge bite out of the bottled water market.
Because there is limited competition for this product, we think this
stock has great potential. Pure water is something everybody needs.

Advanced Medical Technologies Inc. is projecting at least 10 million in
revenues for 2001 with 2 million in bottom line profits. On February
28th, 2001, the company announced it has entered into an agreement
with Consultants American Corporation to launch a worldwide franchise
program to distribute its WaterStar systems. The stock symbol (ADMD)
is currently trading around $.30 but has been as high as $2.25. The
sudden profitability of the company should generate huge interest in
the stock.

How can you go wrong investing in the key to all life -- water?

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factual and accurate and approved by advanced Medical Technologies Inc.
The user assumes all risks as to the accuracy of this document and
is suggested to do their own research. The Market Watch newsletter
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Market Watch newsletter reserves the right to buy or sell their stock
at any time without prior notice. This stock is very speculative and
all investors should be aware of the risk of loss of your investment.

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