Re: sponsibility

From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 15:09:51 PDT

Dave Long wrote:

> > Unavoidable, Tom. The deal structure was what it was.
> Avoidable, Jeff. You took the deal; you cashed in.

Two words, Dave: fiduciary responsibility. As in, to shareholders.
Very important concept.

Look it up. Translation for the less-than-clueful: "my hands were

I'm so much more than done discussing the specifics of my own
situation; I'm happy to continue discussing the generalities of and
specifics of tax and SEC law. I will point out that, as bad as my own
situation was, it could've been much worse: a buddy of mine just
mentioned a front page story in NYT a few weeks ago talking about the
very thing I've been railing about and the disastrous impact it's had
on hoards of dot-commers who were involved in acquisitions post 4/15
of last year. Can you say bankruptcy-by-the-thousands?

Sure. I knew you could.


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