Re: Bush conspiracy

From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 17:06:01 PDT

"Adam L. Beberg" wrote:

> Screw this computer stuff, I wanna be an oil barron selling weapons and
> issuing credit cards at 20% to poor people, I'd own you all *cackles*

I'm with ya, Beberg. Got biz plan? Let's go shopping. I've got some connects
in the Houston big oil crowd... oh, hey, here's a thought? Just to maximize
evil, can we do this as a faith-based IRC 501(c)(3)? You can be the big man,
Beberg. You concoct the religious tom-foolery. Go to town. I'm just soooo
tired.... ;-)

> Then all I have to do is take over the government... wait... someone
> thought of this one already, wonder if they patented the business model.

Aw, man. Well...

Screw you guys, I'm-ah going... home.*



* Home, where I can put betadine on all these pesky little bites on my ankles
and wait for Dave to give me the pro forma come-back "you're just an idiot,
Bone" response instead of trying to actually have a substantive discussion.
Home, where I can then further wait for Geege to send one of her
oh-so-titillating "yeah, what Dave said, but wait, there was something I just
didn't get" messages. Home, where my love lies waiting silently for me...?
;-) (Simon and Garfunkle, you weiners. :-)

PS - if it wasn't abundantly clear, I do in fact have tremendous respect for
both Dave and Geege. Now, if they'd just get out of the rathole that I
inadvertently steered us into, life could again be grand...

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