Re: Bush conspiracy

From: mec (
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 23:41:42 PDT

Adam schweetie,

I think I am your longlost auntie (Auntie Maim;)...

Thank you for being so much more eloquent than I. Plus, regarding the
subversive exchange of technology in the China incident... hightech
spyware given up for focus on the wellbeing of military lives... much
more media-friendly than the Iran-Contra scenario, dontcha think?


Bush II is not my President.

"Adam L. Beberg" wrote: > > First he talks down the economy bigtime to try and get a fat tax cut before > it gets so bad that it's clear that the surplus idea was just a bad trip > from his college days... add in the bankrupcy "reform" of course. > > Now we're tussling with China, no doubt to get a nice military spending > boost... > > And dont forget the energy crisis that's somehow spread to the entire > country, apparently scaring California wasnt keeping prices high. > Big surprise that Exxon is now the top of the fortune 500 right? > Enron is number 7, and there are 3 more energy companies in the top 20. > > Screw this computer stuff, I wanna be an oil barron selling weapons and > issuing credit cards at 20% to poor people, I'd own you all *cackles* > > I'll call it Republican Monopolies Incorporated. You're all hired, all you > have to do is wear a suit, drive an SUV, drink wine, play golf, spit on poor > people and baby seals, and keep your sweatshop workers chained up and out of > the press for god sake. > > Then all I have to do is take over the government... wait... someone > thought of this one already, wonder if they patented the business model. > > - Adam L. "Duncan" Beberg > >

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